Expect a sequel this year. Expect all still characters to be slain by the Animated replacements.

After being stuck in Development Hell/Procrastinating, Call to Arms: Oversaturated Warfare has now been completed.


Its about a minute long, and just takes the mic. With feedback from this project, I will decide whether it is worth continuing work on Movies.

Anyone wondered why my Call to Arms: Oversaturated Warfare Project has never been made yet? Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of my control, CTA:OW has had to be delayed temporarily. Development will be able to begin again soon. With the characters designed, and the Voice Acting already saved, work will be able to begin swiftly.

Parody Movie Screenshot

2016-07-26 12:32:49 by CommandantSatarn

I am currently in developement of a Parody Movie on NG.

I am aware the image is massive, but it is a screenshot of the actual page. You can see the placeholder image of hills, and two others working int he project, JakeOfSpades, who is doing some Voice Acting and Art, and RedLightningElement, who is just Voice Acting.

Assuming anyone even looks at this profile, you may notice that one of my 'songs', Bitmap Office is being included in the Movie. It may not be the best, but this is a parody, so terrible is justifyable.5365137_146955051262_ow6.png


2016-07-15 12:17:45 by CommandantSatarn

An Unknown Purpose..

I wonder what this is for?

A bit of work I have done

2016-07-13 13:03:17 by CommandantSatarn

I joined Newgrounds in 2015, simply to earn medals, though I have played occasionally in the past years. However, very recently, I have started to actually do something, yes you heard correctly.

My work began with, a rather, lets say disappointing approach (http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/commandantsatarn/referendum), due to some rushed Polandball I made. Luckily, I have recovered from this in some better work (http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/commandantsatarn/red-guy, http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/commandantsatarn/one-does-not-simply-wake-red-guy-up).

However, today I have downloaded Audacity following a recommendation from a user on the Audio Forums, and have made two songs.

This one is a remix of the X-Files/Illuminati Theme. You likely couldnt tell, due to all the experimenting I did.

This one however, was created from scratch using the Generate tools, and is not as good, but nevertheless, is still music-ish.